New year but no resolutions, only good intentions…..

 And one of these good intentions is to blog more often – and only time will tell if I do as I say!  The new year is well underway and at least the children got a few days riding in before going back to school after the freezing spell of weather.  My thoughts are already turning to Spring and some warmth, longer days and the start of many people’s competitive time of year. And that means that before too long, we need to look what equipment we need to replace/update – and that could include your saddlepad/numnah. So here is a thought, if you have someone supporting/sponsoring you what about getting an embroidered pad to give them some publicity. Here at NuuMed, we do a lot of embroidered pads for sponsors, riders, owners, riding clubs, police forces etc etc – so if you would like a quote, drop us an email or give us a call. And just another memory jog… if you have invested in a new saddle and can’t find a pad that is a 100% fit, we can make virtually anything you need – and by having your own made to measure pad, you will know for sure that your horse is a comfortable as possible


More sponsorship requests than ever

Maybe it is a sign of the economic times, or maybe there are more riders than before wanting to compete more regularly or at a higher level – but whatever the reason at NuuMed we regularly receive requests for products and/or cash sponsorship from people involved in all types of equestrian activities. Within the last couple of weeks I have replied to people who are competing in showjumping, dressage, eventing, TREC and endurance – and those applying ranged in age from 14 up to late 20’s.

It is not surprising that lack of finance proves a major roadblock to many riders aspirations as anybody with one or more horses knows that it means non stop spending on the essentials – and any competition activity has to be added in on top – and , as we read in the H & H or from speaking to people,  even our top riders have to sell top horses to enable them to keep the flow of younger ones coming through.

There is no doubt that a lot of riders want to – and love to – compete, but it is becoming a greater financial challenge for many.

Competition – win tickets to Badminton Horse Trials

We have a fantastic competition for you to enter in April – tickets for 4 people (plus one car) to the cross-country day of the Badminton Horse Trials on Sunday 4th May 2010.

To enter just click this link to the competition page of our website and follow the instructions.

Closing date for entries is Monday 26th April 2010.

Good luck!

The NuuMed Team

NuuMed and the weather

Well the weather has not helped anyone this last week – and many of our retailers are finding people just cannot get into their shops/outlets to buy things even in the sales – but lets hope the end of this cold spell is not too far away. Here at NuuMed we are full steam ahead on the production front and this month we will also be revealing new products. Will be back in touch v shortly

Welcome to NuuMed’s Tack Room

Welcome to the new blog from Griffin NuuMed, where we aim to keep you updated on the goings on at our factory, our events and with our sponsored riders.

Remember we sell a range of British-made numnahs and saddlepads, using the finest wool, on our website, so do check it out.

Original NuuMed numnahHalf wool quilt numnah from NuumedPro plus numnah from Nuumed