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New year but no resolutions, only good intentions…..

 And one of these good intentions is to blog more often – and only time will tell if I do as I say!  The new year is well underway and at least the children got a few days riding in before going back to school after the freezing spell of weather.  My thoughts are already turning to Spring and some warmth, longer days and the start of many people’s competitive time of year. And that means that before too long, we need to look what equipment we need to replace/update – and that could include your saddlepad/numnah. So here is a thought, if you have someone supporting/sponsoring you what about getting an embroidered pad to give them some publicity. Here at NuuMed, we do a lot of embroidered pads for sponsors, riders, owners, riding clubs, police forces etc etc – so if you would like a quote, drop us an email or give us a call. And just another memory jog… if you have invested in a new saddle and can’t find a pad that is a 100% fit, we can make virtually anything you need – and by having your own made to measure pad, you will know for sure that your horse is a comfortable as possible